Nursing Foundation Labs

  • The Fundamental of the nursing lab is well equipped with basic and sophisticated equipment like pulse oximetry, glucometer, Cardiac table, Manikins and surgical instruments which enable the students to gain knowledge to prioritize the care and deliver basic and advance nursing care to patient with any medical and surgical problems. Audio visual aids like chart and flash cards are available to teach the patient and family.

Community Lab

  • The Community health nursing lab is equipped with adequate number of community bags with required articles to provide holistic, preventive and promotive care. Audiovisual Aids like charts, Flashcards, flip Charts, Puppets and flex boards are available to counsel and teach client and their family. Important aspects of community health nursing are depicted as models for students to gain knowledge and acquire skills in preparation and usage of models.

Computer Lab

  • Our College has a well equipped spacious computer laboratory with sufficient number of advanced computers that offers excellent learning skill. We have additional facility of internet connection for browsing. The students and staff can utilize this facility.

Nutrition Lab

  • Our nutrition lab is a well equipped laboratory. It has all the facilities required for cooking demonstration and also the modern equipments like microwave oven, Refrigerator, Electric Stove etc.

Anatomy Lab

  • Our Anatomy Lab is a well equipped lab. It has all the facilities like models like heart, lungs, stomach, kidney etc., Bones like pelvis, clavicle, femur, skull, tibia, fibula etc., Skeletal system charts like trachea, endocrine system, nervous system brain etc.

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